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Ice Cream Maker

Make delicious home made ice cream in under half an hour with this 1.1 litre capacity ice cream maker which perfect for quickly making frozen drinks or delicious frozen desserts for your family or your guests. It is fully automatic, easy to clean and very simple to operate and is also great for sorbet and frozen yoghurt too. Having your own ice-cream maker allows you to use high quality ingredients and experiment with the recipes in order to create new delicious flavours.

Product Features

  • Power - 230V/15W Ice Cream Maker
  • 1.1 Litre Capacity
  • Make Ice Cream, Sorbet or Frozen Yoghurt
  • Delicious Home-Made Ice Cream in Under Half an Hour
  • Fully Automatic and Simple Operation
  • Quick Reading eBook Facility to Browse History
  • Easy Clean Freezing Bowl
  • Small Easy to Store Size