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Pulse Foot Massager

The foot massager is designed to strengthen your immune system, improve circulation and relieve fatigue and aches in the legs. It combines Electromagnetic Wave Therapy with traditional Chinese Therapy to massage the soles and the unique Infrared heating function improves the circulation and accelerates the metabolism.It boasts 56 electromagnetic modes and 99 intensities to satisfy your different requirements. The simple remote control lets you set your personalized massage mode ready for the next time you use it.

Product Features

  • Working Mode Button, Choose from 56 Modes
  • Function Button, Select From Body or Sole Massage
  • Auto Program Function
  • Time Control Function
  • Intensity Control Button
  • Sole Massage Pads
  • Infrared Warm Area
  • Indicating Lights
  • LED Display
  • Electrode Pads
  • Remote Controller